96% love it
Gay-ghetto-central party-party-party watering hole
No longer the full-on trendy bar that it was, the Hafenbar still has a certain pull, with themed monthly parties, casual atmosphere and cool and friendly staff among its selling points. More controversially, occasionally there's televised football on in the background, suitable for sportswear fetishists and the odd sports lover. A rather small space, with summertime drinkers mingling outside with customers from neighbouring Tom's. The name translates as 'Harbour' despite the fact that it's nowhere near one. Opened 1990. The bar was thought closed in January 2019, but remains open for business.


    • Marquette
      Marquette Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Summer 2011 THE bar in Schoneberg
      Overflow onto the sidewalk on summer evenings, drinks too. Love that, never allowed in America. Nice crowd, more mature, few twinks. Dont speak German but wish I did. Some major eye candy.

    • showupnyc
      showupnyc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great neighborhood bar
      Nice people, warm and friendly bartender, great vibe.

    • peerspective
      peerspective Over a year ago
      Loves it

      one of Schoenebergs classics, next to Tom´s Bar
      Hafenbar is one of Schoenebergs classics, and a good place to go especially on mondays, with quizz-o-rama, a gay quizz night. First monday of the month in english. In summer times most men just stand outside the bar and drink beer. Toms next door is open for crusing than, and on mondays there is also a happy hour in Toms, which makes the pavement in front of the hafenbar crowded. You get two beer for the price of one!