Little gay bar in Schöneberg
Not a bar that a lot of people talk about, but there it is, bang in the middle of Schöneberg's gay everything, just off the Fuggerstraße. Opened in 1981 and then linked to famed leathery neighbour Knaast upon its arrival in 1982 (and later Mario's Kneipe), Dreizehn is a tiny space with a very local feel, given a bit of a boost around 2013 with a new owner determined to lift it from the dregs into which it had sunk. Smoking's allowed, but there's insufficient space for the likes of cabaret. From Monday to Friday 2pm—5pm, 13 (dreizehn) different drinks are available for just €1.30. And the bar more than welcomes fetish-minded street revellers during Folsom Europe's annual Saturday event in September.