MATTACHINE Berlin w/ John Cameron Mitchell, Joey Hansom, PJ DeBoy & Paul Dawson

The semi-legendary NYC dance party from the folks who brought you 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and 'Shortbus' makes its European debut in Berlin this Valentine's Day! w/ DJs:



-JOEY HANSOM (Expatriarch)

Plus a special performance from John and PJ singing a few of their favorite 'Hedwig' tunes, accompanied by STELLA VELOCE on acoustic guitar.

5€ before midnight / 8€ after

TEDDY, the official queer award at the Berlinale film festival, is teaming up with queer-feminist music platform Expatriarch to present the first European edition of MATTACHINE, the dance party DJed by director/actor John Cameron Mitchell and his 'Shortbus' stars Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy. MATTACHINE also serves as a warmup for the following night's massive TEDDY Award ceremony, where the three New Yorkers will also be appearing.

This Valentine's Day marks the fifth anniversary of MATTACHINE's birth at New York City's oldest gay bar, Julius', the very dive where members of the Mattachine Society – the country’s first gay-rights, post-pinko, pre-Radical Faerie organization – demanded a drink in 1964 to fight against the city’s “no service for known homosexuals” law. If not for their “Sip-In,” there wouldn't have been a Stonewall. Now, half a century later, those men are honored once a month by scores of fancy-dressed folks careening into each other's arm to the songs of queer yesteryear and beyond. Like John says, “ALL music is dance music!”

MATTACHINE continues to pack 'em in at Julius while spreading the love elsewhere (Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, L.A., Portland, Seattle, Austin, New Orleans...). Now John, Paul and PJ are bringing the action to our wicked little Stadt, joined by local transgenre DJ Joey Hansom, host of Expatriarch Radio. Expect an eclectic mix of funk, rock, new wave, pre-internet dance music, and for the Valentine's Day lovers, some slow dance numbers.