Vaseline Factory " Imperfect Jealousy "


Domenico Crisci

(Jealous God, Summa Cum Laude / IT )

After releasing records on L.I.E.S. and it's offspring Russian Torrent Versions, Caserta native Domenico Crisci quickly rose to prominence among purveyors of timeless Techno. A third record on Eerie cemented his reputation as a careful engineer of effective, crafty dance floor cuts that comfortably sit next to early works of the genre's pioneers. Domenico gathered experience as a DJ for many years, spinning a mix of Acid and Techno with a puristic approach.

Korridor (live)

(Northern Electronics, Hypnus Records / SE)

Korridor is in the business of creating passages – both for himself and those who come in contact with his music. Known for playing long livesets and with having highly acclaimed releases on Hypnus Records, Nordanvind and Northern Electronics over the last few years, Korridor has swiftly become a household name in the European electronic music scene.'s all about closing your eyes and fall into a hypnotic state...

DJ Flush


DJ FLUSH is the main man behind KILLEKILL and has been a DJ for 15 years now. Pushing the borders of electronic music, his mixes cross over from chicago jack and booty tracks to electro, from distorted no future techno sounds to rather minimal funk - dirty, freaky and often with a big drop of acid. With his long experience and his diverse influences he brings together different sounds and styles and manages to hold the thin line between being there for his audience to make them have a raving party - and educating as an innovator.


( Da Da Revolution , Vaseline Factory )

Turntable Dj & Producer
Resident at Vaseline Factory & DA DA Revolution Berlin,
was and play in clubs such ,Tresor,Griesmhulle,Suicide Circus (residency),Kitkat and many more.
With more than 20 years on the decks his music influence are
the reflex of his journey.
With just 17 years old he was moving from his motherland Italy to Spain
where he was spending in total 9 years, after that he decide to move
to the U.S.A for 7 years and now he is resident in the Capital of Germany
for more than 5 years, this journey has bring new cultures,new languages and
new sounds. This is the synthesis of I.nOmac.

Tilt ( Dj & Live stet / I.nOmac & Nrec)

( Vaseline Factory)

Nrec aka Enrico Tiberi - Italian music producer based in Berlin. 2016 /// first album: "Signals" (Musicacruda, Tuna Records) (listen on Concrete samplings, acoustic instruments, dark sounding synthesis and thick vocalism are the ingredients of the alchemy. New album out in 2017.


NEW YUNG FRESH TALENT, cool again! All the INNER demons on the track!!


Kalma is a visual artist and a sound technician whose approach to the visual experience is intimately linked with her background of working with sound. It is spontaneous experimentation between both the languages of visual and audio.

Her work as a visual artist includes interactive installations, mapping and vjing, which she combines with her passion for teaching.

Homo ◙ Lesbo ◙ Queer ◙ Transexual ◙ Freaks ◙ Genderqueer ◙ Gender Variant ◙ Polyamorist ◙ Gender Fluid◙ Trans ◙ Bisexual ◙ Slut Party Boi ◙ Androgynous ◙ Drags ◙ Trans-man ◙ She-Male ◙ Puppet ◙ PEP ◙ Condom ◙ ORSI ◙ ORSONI ◙ CHUBBY ◙ willkommen

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Kostüme, Fetisch, pvc & Leder, Uniformen, Glitzer,
Raumkostüme, Steampunk, 80er Jahre '


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