Elektronischer Donnerstag: UnderTheSea


Elektronischer Donnerstag: UNDERTHESEA
Mermaid Techno

DJs: Grego After All, Patrick Copeland, Eltron John

PopBox - Die SchwuZ WG-Party: Get fucked...with Olympia Bukkakis

mit Darkroom

* * *

UNDERTHESEA is a journey to meet your people and dance your ass while discovering the nature of art and electronic music. This odyssey counts with various DJ sets combined with visual shows, contemporary performances and fashion exhibitions hosted by the coolest mermaid kids of the area.

If you ever met Grego After All you might have heard about Mermaid Techno”, the grooviest sound in the electronic music underground, diving between Detroit and Chicago roots through many kinds of deep and dub edits and from time to time surfacing into disco islands and breakbeat waterfalls.

The beardo-&-pony-tail dynamo from Barcelona’s Mediterranean sea, last descendent of the king Triton and official ambassador of Mermaid Techno is finally delivering the dance party designated to the mysterious genre. After covering the underground scene in London and Berlin this music creature will bring the most talented up-and-coming local and far-off artists for an audiovisual experience to awake your senses and let you express yourself (but UNDERTHESEA).


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