MEMBERS w/ Anthea



ANTHEA is gracing MEMBERS with her very own and internationally sought-after warmth and positive energy, which turns every set into an epiphany. The born Londoner left her distinct mark on Loco Dice’s ‚Used and Abuse’ und Carl Cox’ ‚The Party Unites’ and Zoo Project and will bring us the warmth and flow of Ibiza already in March and is going to shake all MEMBERS with bold bass and warmth.

HANNO HINKELBEIN is going to turn the HotBox into his Techno refuge again, serving it hard and deep which is usually rewarded with sheer screams of rapture. The new Londoner already made himself at home starting a residency at Trough, being the experienced DJ who has a long history of playing repeatedly the best clubs of Berlin and the rest of the world. His Remixes for 2-RaumWohnung may still be known, which allowed him to cross over to a wider audience.

ANTONIO VÁZQUEZ moved to Berlin in 2011 after he was part of Madrid’s Cassette Club’s early days venturing into deep and organic sounds, shifting to electro to minimal till he now calls Techno his home and we are looking forward to this passionate and deep debut in the HotBox! Berlin already has heard him several times at about blank as well as Berghain.

Now for the third time we are looking forward to Argentinian SANTIAGO LECCE who rooted himself deeply into the Berlin gay electro scene. Santiago is a true mover and shaker and there is no MEMBERS-escaping from his haunting beats.

MARC MIROIR is the well-known musical back-bone of MEMBERS and will top off the night like only he can do.


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