Miss Honeypenny

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Reliably good breakfasts, lunches and snacks within easy gay reach
If you're looking for a breakfasty-plus alternative to Café Berio and other local gay stalwarts, nearby Miss Honeypenny offers a decent alternative. Opened in 2005, this café/bar/tapas spot looks near-ordinary from the outside but offers a slickly executed and singular 70s-retro interior, constructed by the builder among the establishment's former three owners. Breakfasts are good, though the view of Winterfeldtplatz can't quite compete with the gay catwalk outside Berio or Motzstraße establishments that gives those gay institutions perhaps their greatest appeal. Sandwiches and salads round out the menu. The sports-loving aspect of Miss Honeypenny guarantees a certain conventional manliness at work here, including some of the good-looking waiters. The name refers to a character in the James Bond novels. Closing times vary, but typically weekend nights wind down around 2am.