Mr Minsch

100% love it
Attention all cake connoisseurs
Terrific cakes by Andreas Minsch, who in 2007 landed at the Schöneberg/Kreuzberg border following a long and obviously inspiring trail that started in the Bavarian town Coburg, then Munich, London, New York, Chicago and Barcelona. This a serious cake enterprise with a misleadingly playful name. Cakes are beautiful, varied and seasonal, the latter chiming ever so sweetly with the Germans' love of fruits and berries, with up to 12 cakes on offer at the weekend. Tea, hot chocolate and lemonade are also available. Their motto translates as 'life without cake is possible but pointless'. Coffee is also a thing here. Closed Monday. Easy M19 bus ride from Nollendorfplatz. U-Bahns: Mehringdamm and Möckernbrücke. S-Bahn: Yorckstraße.