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Korean dames in the kitchen

A very small restaurant run by two Korean women devoted to Jesus and good authentic cooking. And though they are seldom seen in the kitchen these days, the quality remains. The menu concentrates on just a few dishes — noodles, beefy things, soups (no. 3 with tofu, Kalu-Guk-Su, is particularly flavourful, as is no. 12 with chicken) and cold cabbage dish kimchi — and sometimes it feels as if the food is prepared in real time, but the walls are smothered in linen sheets with handwritten Biblical text, possibly to keep you occupied during the long wait; however, few if any are even seen taking an interest, especially with a Schöneberg hangover. And this food feels very right the day after a night out. Ixthys is relatively inexpensive and somewhat of a best-kept secret even though it's located immediately south of the Winterfeldtplatz, three minutes from Nollendorfplatz U-Bahn and the Motzstraße. Apparently the business started in 1998 and moved to this location in 2001. One hitch: in the summer of 2020 owner (and fundamental Christian) Park Young-Ai came under attack for condemning homosexuality on biblical grounds. “I’m very religious and want everyone to find God,” she said. “I don’t judge homosexuals but if they don’t follow God’s will then they won’t experience eternal life, just eternal hell.” Located just near recommended chocolate shop Winterfeldtt Schokoladen [see entry]. Outdoor seating.


    • RomanHans
      RomanHans Over a year ago

      Park Young-Ai, the owner, has always been extremely religious, with Bible verses papering the walls of this restaurant. However, she has recently begun attacking the LGBT community. In the front window is now posted the homophobic quote from Leviticus about “man lying with man.” Politicians tried to convince her to take it down but she refuses, and a newspaper quotes her as saying gays and lesbians are sinners. Of course, she’ll still take our money, but she’s not getting mine. I hope one day this little cesspool of hate is replaced with an inclusive establishment, to the betterment of this neighborhood.