Mister B

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Berlin outlet for Amsterdam fetish enterprise
Conveniently located on Berlin's gay catwalk, Mister B is the shop that gives RoB a run for its money. Both are ever-expanding Dutch-born businesses, though veteran RoB started up in 1975, 19 years ahead of Mister B. And while the former has spread its corporate wings to six other cities (as of 2013), Mister B has poured all its sweat and testosterone into the Berlin business, which opened its doors in 2000. There's nothing here that's too out of the ordinary (to the fetish-minded, that is), but the mid-range-quality stock features reliable supplies of leather, rubber, neoprene, bondage gear and SM accessories, porn DVDs and countless brands of anal toys and lubes. In April 2011 veteran London leather outlet Expectations opened an in-house 'Shop-in-shop' boutique Mister B stall.


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      All kinds of Leather
      Famous Leather and Rubber Shop.....one of many many fetish shops in Berlin - The Gay Fetish City.