Ajpnia e.V.

100% love it
In the living room style
A volunteer-run experiment that combines provisions for man-on-man sexual encounters with an ethos devoted to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Ajpnia (from the Greek word for insomnia) started in 2000 in the Eisenacher Straße but in 2013 moved slightly further south of the gay Schöneberg ghetto to the Wartburgstraße, while taking its clean-living approach to sex with it. Both floors are carpeted, so shoes come off at the entrance, while condoms, lube, showers and towels are all included in the price. There's no dress code, but the naked/underwear look appears to rule here. No to drugs but yes to smoking. Music is more relaxing than clubby. U-Bahn: Bayerischer Platz.


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