Raststätte Gnadenbrot

100% love it
Not your typical rest stop

Formerly a hip corner food outlet with decor to ironically conjure up the spirit of a motorway diner, the Raststätte was passed on to other hands in 2008 and no longer has the pull with those in the know, including local discerning homosexuals. It's just not quite the same but still has a following, with a menu of soup, German/Austrian/Polish/etc. specialties schnitzel, Flammkuchen, bigos, goulash and Käsespätzle, stuffed mushrooms, fish fillet burger, Bauernfrüstück (farmer's breakfast) and more. Located on the corner of Martin-Luther-Straße and the Motzstraße.



    • Pazpazon
      Pazpazon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good local german food
      cosy resturant good prices exlant local german food

    • peerspective
      peerspective Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Rest stop restaurant
      "Raststätte" is the German word for roadhouse or rest stop at a motorway. So the decoration in this restaurant plays with this theme. It is a bit trashy, like rest stops normally are, but on purpose. The restaurant caters more for a less stylish crowd and the leather section as well. And "Gnadenbrot" is food you get for charity, so you will find small dishes quite inexpensive, as well as a full menu. It is also good for a small snack in between night clubbing. Food is fresh and the restaurant offers different theme evenings with music as well. Check the website for events.