SchwuZ Formerly: Cube Club

97% love it
Queer party outrageousness
Festive after-hours basement establishment with three dance floors, sufficiently hip DJs and a youngish and very diverse crowd including city newcomers coming from all directions. The party-party-party menu of recent years has included L-Tunes ("Megadyke" event), BUMP! (80s/90s-pop retro), London Calling (electro and rock), DÆNZGEDØNS ("bad taste"), Tasty (pop, hip-hop, Middle East), Buttocks (something of a sex-forward nod to circuit types...ish), Madonnamania and drag/cabaret; even old Schlager tunes have their moment. Plus live concerts. SchwuZ was a west Kreuzberg institution until November 2013, when it moved east to the former Cube Club in Neukölln. The name 'SchwuZ' combines 'schwulen' (gay) and 'Zentrum' (center), even if it's not quite so central as it once was. Established 1977. Plus Sunday parties. U-Bahn: Rathaus Neukölln.


    • superstar
      superstar Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had fun here on a thursday night.. young and frisky crowd.

    • ryanm
      ryanm Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good night
      Went on a Saturday night very busy lots of different aged guys which I like mainly young though.

    • cubicle
      cubicle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Peaches & Cream
      I went there for their friday night "Peaches & Cream" event. I am not particularly into Pop/RnB/70's/80's music when it comes to dance clubs. I just went there to show my friend around - knowing that he totally is into that kind of music. To my surprise I have to say, though, I quite enjoyed it. At the beginning (around 1am) we were disappointed how empty it was. We were about to head back home, when around 2am we noticed that more and more people were coming. That's when the real party started. All 3 floors were packed and people were having a good time. In the end it was a surprisingly good night out. I only give it 4 stars just because I preferred GMF. But then again, both places don't really compete as "Peaches & Cream" is on friday nights, whereas GMF is on sundays.

    • peerspective
      peerspective Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Danceclub with different theme evenings
      This is the one of the oldest dance clubs in Berlin, a classic, founded in 1971 as an gay centre, and this is where the name comes from, schwules zentrum (gay centre)=schwuz. It was rather alternative in the 70ties and not commercial in the beginning , but basically became a normal danceclub in the last years. You still feel the alternative atmosphere somehow. You enter through the Cafe Melitta Sundstroem. The crowd is mostly younger and the music varies to different theme parties, like London Calling, bump or Madonna Mania. So check online for party updates!