New Action Formerly: Metropolis

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Following the May 2010 demise of after-hours bar New Action, Stuttgart-raised Thomas Pfizenmaier (owner of Hamburg's S.L.U.T.) stepped in to salvage what had been a cult favourite fetish-friendly Schöneberg bar, and in September 2010 reopened the corner spot to instant success. Gutted beyond recognition, the venue was reinvented with a new layout — including an arena-like space — and modern lighting, not to mention radically changed toilet/darkroom areas. The new New Action lacked the original's signature organic (read: festery) feel, and disappointed with its marked shift in music — previously provided by the former New Action's clued-in bar staff — but true to the spirit of Berlin, the bar has proven to have staying power throughout the night and early morning, serving those who've exhausted Scheune (or Mutschmann's perhaps) and offering refuge in its darkened corners out back. The dress code embraces leather, rubber, work clothes, skins, boots, uniform, army and biker, plus jeans worn in conjunction with a full skin sensibility. Smoking is allowed, but the airflow system is effective. The bar becomes especially heaving during the Easter and Folsom Europe leather/rubber weekends, typically playing host to 500 or 600 men, many colonising the corner spot outside the main entrance. And if you still require a break-of-dawn fix, 24-hour final-resort sex hole Bull [see entry] is located immediately next door. For the record, the name 'New Action' goes back to a time when there were gay bars — including one called Action — located around the junction of Lietzenburger Straße and Uhlandstraße. In the 1980s two partners owned the café/bar Action (Lietzenburger Straße 77) but they split up, and the partner who left started New Action, which then outlived the original Action. New Action is now closed Monday and Tuesday, and weekends in peacetime (i.e. not Easter and not Folsom in September) can be quieter than foreign visitors might expect. Two-for-one Thursdays are very popular. The bar was closed during the initial COVID-19 period, like every other bar, but on 3 June 2020 started up a special outdoor/indoor service, temporarily rebranded as Café Corinna. As of the 'cancelled' Folsom Europe event in mid-September 2020, New Action was operating to near-full capacity, with huge numbers out on the pavement. Check website for Wednesday to Sunday details. A three-minute walk from Nollendorfplatz U-Bahn.


    • cotopaxi
      cotopaxi Over a year ago
      Hates it

      My only negative experience in Berlin
      I went to New Action on Thursday night November 6, 2014 (Cheap + Sexy Thursday), at about a quarter to midnight, but was denied entry. Since the web site lists "Dresscode casual" and "Alle Willkommen" for that day, I decided not to put on my Fetish gear (as I felt a bit overdressed the day before on a Fetish Mix night at Mutschmanns) but just go in my black jeans, black T-shirt and leather wristband, but was denied access to the club by a rude and not too polite door guard. From what I could see from my position (almost the whole ground floor), the place wasn't exactly packed - and that's an understatement - and most people weren't exactly very fetish either. Except for a few leather guys, the crowd in there didn't look very much in fetish dress, at most something that resembles sportswear. So this looks like this might be one of those places were they grant you access at random depending on whether they like your face or not. And if fetish gear is indeed required on a Thursday night, then their web site is misleading advertising. A pity I can't find how to put up a photo with the review, or I'd add a screen print of the web site as proof. I was angered enough by the behaviour of the door man that I went to another club rather than go back to my hotel to put on my fetish gear. Except for that, the place looks interesting; easy to reach by the U-bahn and just a two minutes walk from places like Tom's Hotel and bar, at the corner of Eisenacher Straße and Kleitstraße.

    • flopsi
      flopsi Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Empty wednesday from 22:00 to 01:30 total time waste

    • leatherunt
      leatherunt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Early Hours
      This is my favourite place to end the night. No hassles, no taboos, All types here, and plenty of men looking for sex.

    • vledd1964
      vledd1964 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Old School Leather
      This is a great Old Guard Leather bar... dark corners, great laid-back vibe, late night cruising.

    • peerspective
      peerspective Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dark room bar