Elektronischer Donnerstag: CRUSH on Femanyst (Lady Blacktronika)


Your first crush. They walk by and you can’t breathe anymore. Your heartbeat goes to 333 bpm. Everything else comes to a standstill. You heart melts. You are tongue tied and red with embarrassment. Despair! Your crush is nothing but everything you ever wanted.

Do you remember your first Crush? We certainly do. We will bring that magic to our new party, Crush at Schwuz. It is the celebration of all past, future and present crushes. You got the picture?

Each month the guest DJ will bring to the table their own musical crush...

It's personal! It's authentic! It's your Crush ♥
with the makers of G day

♥ Femanyst (aka Lady Blacktronika) // Dark Carousel
♥ 2FARO // G day
♥ Mashyno // G day

POP: Jacky-Oh Weinhaus

mit Darkroom


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