PROXI CLUB w/ Death By Rainbow and CRUSH on Occultists


Proxi Club

Techno by Death By Rainbow:
Hanno Hinkelbein
DJ Flush

Halloween Darkroom by CRUSH & Occultists:
James Demon

Room of Pop:
Biggy van Blond
Gieza Poke

Free Shots by Cheryl & Collapsella


Death by Rainbow

Death By Rainbow is a Queer Clublabel dedicated to push gay dance culture into darker and uncharted territories. Picking up on the original intention of the freedom and uninhibited joy of Disco and House Music in the pre AIDS era, it wants to put the juice of innovation and fun with new ideas back onto queer dancefloors...Hello SchwuZ!

Crush on Occultists

Not long ago, Crush. from the makers of G Day, caused a stir every week at "Elektronsicher Donnerstag", bringin your first crush back to your mind. Now they have a crush on James Demon‘s, Berlin-based label „Occultists“ who‘s mission is to fuse his love of the occult with that of techno. The label looks to act as a bridge "to spread ancient teachings through dance, music, culture, and magic."


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