92% love it
Leave your coat — and nearly everything else — at the door
Unstylish, seedy Kreuzberg institution whose fetish is unapologetic sleaze. Spread across two floors, the bar operates an efficient system in which clothing (except underwear) and cash are left behind for a boot-only trawl through its extensive, moist and festery basement that is well-equipped with slings, cabins and a St Andrew's Cross. Exceptions are Monday and Wednesday, when flesh is not de rigeur. 2-for-1 drinks on Monday. Triebwerk = 'Engine' in English. U-Bahns: Schönleinstraße and Hermannplatz.


    • fordellk
      fordellk Over a year ago
      Hates it

      closed back room
      Until further notice, no cruising back room.

    • ususalSuspects
      ususalSuspects Over a year ago

      waste your time and money
      Once this was one of three night clubs for gays in the Urbanstr. One of them is already gone. The place is either totaly crowded or empty. Regarding the price they take for entry, those few days the bar is crowded are quite amazing. The prices are immodest for this neighborhood. The only reason for some people ending up in this location is, there is no better alternative around that place, and scene districts are quite far away.

    • ctrever23
      ctrever23 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Can not wait to go back to Berlin & Triebwerk. Naked, naked, naked. The way it should be.

    • borum
      borum Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hot club
      Very good sex club at weekends. Facilities and atmosphere are just hot, and the staff is friendly and helpful.