Ficken 3000

80% love it
Where the fetish is sleaze
Late night/early morning drinking hole that's sexy, seedy, quite dark and not especially stylish. Drinking and pinball on the ground floor, more involved activities in the sleazy basesment, where smoking is allowed. 2-4-1 drinks policy every Tuesday. Check website for themed nights. The bar is not incompatible with Triebwerk [see entry] just a few doors away. The f-word part of the bar's name translates just as you might imagine. Closes at about 10am on weekends, about 8am during the week. Opened 1998. U-Bahn: Hermannplatz.


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      ususalSuspects 5 months ago

      shabby and nasty
      This place is an urban dystopia in the urban street. When you feel depressed, unwanted, lost in urban insignificance, get around that location. But if you want to be dragged down by these feelings, you are welcome to join the void you'll find here. Once an open minded place inmidst of a flourishing neighbourhood, it turned to a business as usual attitude of an ambitious but used up audience. Don't expect any surprising or amazing experience here.

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      davbern22 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Loved this place
      I spent my last night in Berlin here and it was tons of fun! the crowd was chill and music was on point. I wish I had gone before my last night. There were some cuties as well which is always nice.