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Berlin's premier sex cinema
Quietly positioned in the middle of Schöneberg's gay-gay-gay Motzstraße is this well-maintained porn cinema with both a devout following and detractors. The JAXX is a sexually liberated space that feels uniquely northern European, and there certainly is much feeling that goes on here. Marked by its black and white checkerboard flooring, the place is a hot den of cruising spaces and lockable cabins, each with screens for showing any of the 20 or so porn flicks on offer. Drinks are dispensed from a machine, smoking is allowed, and conversation is kept at a minimum in favour of maximum man-on-man proximity. Store is well stocked with sex supplies.


    • rickoz
      rickoz 1 year ago
      Hates it

      ...This place Big Shock in beautiful city Berlin.. Openly discrimination happens in this place base on race and skin colour. I am brown skin visiting gay friendly city berlin but big shock me when jaxx staff very rude with me and rejected me entering this place twice.its simply black and white policy. It’s very shame this happens in gay community who always fight for rights. Berlin gay community should take action. Sad and shame Not recommend this place

    • shawnndt
      shawnndt 1 year ago
      Loves it

      Not sure why all the bad reviews?
      I was a little hesitant to go to the Jaxx while in Berlin due to all the negative reviews. Would I be wasting my time only to be turned away? NO! They let me in! And I had a great time. I asked a local inside about the door policy, to try to understand. He said they filter for appearance, yes, and filter out people from countries that generate a lot of pickpockets. Seems fair enough. Most of the guys inside were in shape, early 40s. There were a lot of whites (it's Berlin afterall), along with a black guy, a few latinos. While I'm not a fan of discrimination, it was nice to go to a place like this and not have to fight off the creeper that wont leave anyone alone. Everybody here could and did get laid. Like most of Berlin, not only do you need to look the part, but you should dress it too. Athletic pants (Adidas are great) are what you should wear here. The night I was here, there were more tops than bottoms. I left full and sore. And there were still more hot top men wanting to cum. Not sure if that's always the case. Everybody was super friendly too. I swapped conversations with several as well. It's Berlin. There's a place for everybody. If Jaxx is for you, enjoy! If not, there are dozens of bars and clubs within 3 blocks of here, you'll find what you need .

    • Jnspain
      Jnspain Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Do not go there-unfriendly stuff-rude
      i visited the jaxx twice and iwas rejected to enter by that skinny skinhead looking guy in his 45 years or so....first time he said, it`s a private party,, you have to be invited...second time he just said ( it`s a club for WHITE people) just like that,,and he repetedit to me 2 times,, white people,,after i asket to repeat what he said. bad discriminatory stuff,i´m from canary island spain my skin is dark becouse sunbath ,anyway i found this seriously DISCRIMINATORY CLUB.

    • Rickybuk
      Rickybuk Over a year ago
      Hates it

      STAY AWAY -- Jaxx Kino
      I visited Jaxx 2times while I was in Berlin and I have to say that the staff are very rude. Either they don't like foreigners or if you are over 25 you are too old. They won't say why you can't go in and they are Certainly NOT gay friendly. They say it is a private members club but a few locals I spoke to said their is no membership.... I don't think they should be advertised by any Gay media

    • 12321
      12321 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NOT recomended
      tryied to went there twice, and got rejected becouse "it is a private party". I asked if there are days with out private parties, and got "the is a private place for members only". no thanks.

    • manuspace
      manuspace Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sehr eigenartige Einlasspolitik
      Waren Anfang Oktober in Berlin und wollten das Jaxx anschauen gehen zu 2 ( sind beide in den 30 Jahren ) und wurde den Einlass aus dem Grund Privatparty verweigert. Seltsame an diesem ist das es ganz normal geöffnet hatte und wir eine Person die rauskam nachgefragt und dieser von keiner Privatparty ne Ahnung hatte und auch gleich geraten hatte ein anderes Lokal zu besuchen was wir auch machten und unsere spass hatten. Würde das Jaxx niemand empfehlen.

    • Cambaceres
      Cambaceres Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Très mauvais
      Sans être un Adonis, je ne suis pas parvenu à comprendre pourquoi on m'a refusé deux fois l'entrée au motif de "private parties" non annoncées. Or, accompagné d'un ami (quinquagénaire!), j'ai pu cette fois-là rentrer pour un résultat assez décevant. Pour 8 euros l'entrée, à éviter!

    • markalvia
      markalvia Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Thought I'd pop in but was told it was about to close. Pointed out that it wasn't due to close for two hours and was told it's a private club with an under 30s policy (I'm obviously not!). I said that this wasn't made clear and was told again that it's a private club. Best avoided. For some reason this app won't let me load a one star review...

    • Quesnay
      Quesnay Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Recent visit to Jaxx, September 2012 - avoid at all costs
      I recently visited Berlin (w/e of 07/09/12 to 10/09/12), and visited the Jaxx, and I must say it certainly lives up to its reputation! I first visited late afternoon on Friday 07/09/12 and the staff member was very pleasant, however, when I returned for another visit on the Monday following, the person (looked of Turkish origin?) serving at the counter was unbelievably off-hand, haughty (yes –in a back-street sex club!!!) and unpleasant! In fact, he even refused me entry on the grounds that ‘it was not possible today’, but I believe that it was because I was fashionably enough dressed! But then, who wears Armani to a place like this? Going back to the Friday visit, I can’t say that I was overly impressed - the entrance price was too much for what was on offer – quite literally not a lot – the place was almost empty! A surprise for a Friday evening in a large city – where were all those men wanting some entertainment??? Subjective of course, but the videos were boring, the music run-of-the mill, the kabins tiny, the lighting very harsh in places, the drinks in the machine were somewhere in the region of 20% over-priced, and the larger back room unimaginative - you can only have sex standing up, there is little thought given to comfort etc. I can only imagine that the Jaxx now has such a reputation for the rudenmess of the staff and the over-charging for mediocrity that this can only account for the place being empty for what should otherwise be a busy certainly was busy in other such venues nearby that same evening! It is just a pity that the owners/ staff are blind to the fact that this is a venue in need of some new thinking and ceratinly a replacement of staff who remember that the customer pays their wages. Overall, I would rate this plce as a one out of five, to be avoided at all costs!

      FRIMOUSSE Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Attention aux vêtements ;des personnes s'amusent à mettre de la vraie colle(glu) sur les banquettes des cabines *)* sinon lieu sympathique :-)

    • Malegalore
      Malegalore Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Stay away please. Discriminatory door policy. It is clear that this Kino only allows young, well endowed dudes. Older gay men, with pink money, rather spend your money at other better Kinos in Berlin.

    • mrofs
      mrofs Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Just a slow night?
      Not much action and the crowd didn't do it for me the night we were in. At some point more like a chatroom than a place to enjoy sex. Can be hot though at other times, I guess. Would be better if the lighting would be turned down a bit.

    • pilot74
      pilot74 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place
      For gloryholes and for getting off