Steam Works CLOSED SINCE FEB 2017 DUE TO FIRE Formerly: Apollo Splash Club

69% love it
Expansive gay sauna
Huge sauna featuring a generous supply of specials and events such as masquerades and regular foam parties. Changed name from Apollo Splash Club to Steam Works in 2017. U-Bahn: Wittenbergplatz. Steam Works closed since 6 February 2017 following a serious fire.


    • betto
      betto Over a year ago
      Hates it

      big and clean but not concurred, all guests have more of 45 and look shy ! expensive and not liked!
      Bored! Absolutely clean and nice but bored:( not a lot of people, and a few is older like 45 and more and shy !

    • justozzy
      justozzy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice club, weird people
      Huge facility very well maintained. The cabins and showers are very clean. Lots of space to have fun, whatever your fantasies are (cage, slings, St. Andrew's cross etc). However, people smoke all over the place, so the smell of cigarette is wherever you go. Lots of drugs too. I saw people smoking weed or taking cocaine. Not really reassuring. Quite a few guys offered bareback sex. Afterall, condoms and lube are nowhere to be found. This is a big downer for the club.

    • petroni27
      petroni27 Over a year ago

      Good to visit
      Mixed crowd, downstairs there is big labyrinth with lots of cabins. However, lots of action in darkrooms. Beware the rent boys! Several times I met here nice young Asian guys and It was really nice.

    • Mott
      Mott Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The appalling Apollo
      Don't go to the Apollo! It's not even a question of "don't bother going because it's a waste of your time and money", but rather: this place is disgusting! The staff at the door is unfriendly to the point of being rude. When I decided I wanted to spend €28 for a room instead of €19 for a locker, I got an impatient sigh and was told to make up my mind!" (So sorry for inconveniencing him by wanting to give them another 11 euros!). The light in the room didn't work properly. There was no locker to put my clothes and belongings in the room. The shower was filthy. The common 'sex’ area was filthy and freezing cold. There were some 30 channels of porn to choose from. Wonderful selection if you like under 18s having sex with over 65s! That says something about the owner's taste (and probably most of the clientele's). There were also a few channels with straight porn (including one with a woman being raped and tortured). The crowd (maybe 30 people on a weekend night) was mixed: over 50 and under 25 and most of the latter looked like they were on drugs. Very depressing….

    • mec86000
      mec86000 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Has to avoid - à éviter
      Pas de capote dans le sauna, il faut aller les chercher à la caisse, pas de gel (sauf payant) pas de papier, pas de poubelle, ménage très moyen, pas de cabine sauf payantes, un des deux hammam pue tellement qu'il n'y a personne dedans. En plus vu la taille de l'établissement y'a pas tant de monde que ça...

    • markalvia
      markalvia Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good time
      Older crowd but had a lot of fun. Evening slightly spoiled by encounter with a hustler. Failure to understand each other's language meant he expected 50 euro for a nondescript encounter (end of the evening) and me thinking 50 referred to his cabin. Got slightly agitated but not enough to spoil the evening. My mistake; be warned!

    • Sexapilocho
      Sexapilocho Over a year ago
      Loves it

      best times
      I have been there many many times throughout the years and never been disappointed. I t is true I don "t see too many young guys but I don"t particular care about them. I like them in between 30 and 45 and I have had plenty of them at SPLASH. I t has been renovated ( beautiful work) went there a few weeks ago and for the first time hustlers approached me, never seen that in my life but you just say no and they leave alone, best times to go in the afternoons ,starts to wind down at 10 pm, very busy over the weekends.The crowd is like anywhere in the world from the beautiful ones to the not so beautiful, like I said before I have met great looking guys and plenty of sex with them , from the rough ones to the sweet ones always a great time.

    • rackerbln
      rackerbln Over a year ago
      Loves it

      berlins famous gay sauna
      At nearly 2000 square meters of berlins famous gay sauna! The Apollo Splash Club in Berlin a lot in store for you. Here you can leave in addition to the daily specials and events unwind. Nice and friendly staff make a visit to the Apollo Splash Club unique. Opening times of the Apollo Splash Club: Monday to Thursday from 12:00 clock - 7:00 clock in the morning the next day On the weekend will be open from Friday 12:00 until Monday 7:00 clock in the morning

    • aleant
      aleant Over a year ago
      Hates it

      If you're young...
      It's best to come here when you're past 35 years old. Although the sauna and showers were nice, I found the place too brightly lit and the basement a bit dirty. Definitely don't go if you're young - this sauna is for single old men...

    • Marquette
      Marquette Over a year ago

      Summer 2011 under renovation
      Very small bar, no food. Men...NICE!

    • surfbody
      surfbody Over a year ago

      Escort Sauna
      Under rennovation, and its an escort sauna full of old man and escorts, no normal guys, friendly staff, basement old and not so clean.