Prinz Eisenherz Buchladen Formerly: Beni Durrer

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Berlin's first gay bookshop
Started by four men in November 1978, this progessive institution ranks as one of Europe's oldest surviving gay bookstores. Originally a bookshop-cum-meeting place on the Bülowstrasse, the business has since thrice shifted location, currently located right on the Motzsraße in Schöneberg, as gay-central as it gets. You'll find the odd porn and feature film DVD here, but most decidedly the emphasis here is on serious gay and lesbian fiction, gender studies and other academic subjects, plus poetry, travel literature, books for children, international magazines and fanzines. Evenings are occasionally reserved for readings and special events. Now run by Franz Brandmeier and Roland Müller-Flashar, the business takes its name from Hal Foster's 1937 comic-book Nordic character Prince Valiant. U-Bahn: Wittenbergplatz.


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      Loves it

      A great store!
      As far as I know, the greatest multi-language lgbt store in the world.