99% love it
Quite possibly the greatest club in the history of the universe

An oversized disused 1953 East Berlin power plant made good by two low-profile gay visionaries (Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele) in 2004, Berghain is an elegant and sexy cathedral worshipped by Berliners and discerning visitors for its otherworldly sound system (ultra minimal, techno, tribal, house etc), sexy dark areas and an overall Dionysian atmosphere. Berghain attracts a big, mixed, free-spirited crowd. On a Saturday night clubbers can wait a while to get in, only to be subjected to a discriminating door policy, with large groups of tourists, drunken heterosexuals and others not making the cut. But the pay-off is well worth it, and many of those who gain entry linger well into Sunday or Monday. For less demanding (but still worthwhile) music there's the stylish and very popular Panorama Bar upstairs [see entry], which is open also on Fridays (when the main part of Berghain is closed). In February 2017 a reinvented bar space opened as Säule ('Column'). Between Thursday and Sunday a separate entrance provides access to the no-holds-barred gay-male fetish sex space Lab.oratory [see entry]. And for one night each Easter weekend Berghain stages the leather/rubber/fetish SNAX party [see entry] — an anything-goes male-only Saturday/Sunday sex event on a grand scale (while never feeling corporate, though increasingly circuit-party-like), previously staged at Berghain's earlier incarnation Ostgut (demolished in 2004). The SNAX party takes over the entire Berghain except for the Panorama Bar, and is alone worth the trip to Berlin, though its original core target group – leather and rubber fetishists – no longer dominates here, instead opting to stick to the Schöneberg bars that night. A second now-annual party, FC SNAX UNITED, prescribing sportswear and trainers and held late autumn, started December 2011. The complex also stages events and concerts during the week, plus open-air summer/lounge options connected to the Bierhof Rüdersdorf/Kantine. The club's name is a composite of neighbouring areas Kreuzberg (former West Berlin) and Friedrichshain (former East Berlin). No mirrors in the club, and photography is not allowed. Capacity = 1,500, and as of 2014 (earlier, actually), international attention has triggered a certain rise in tourist infiltration, though less so on Sunday. Uniquely, Berghain is a major tourist attraction with a tourist-wary door policy. As of 2019 the club no longer stamps the hands of clubbers —a policy that allowed them in-and-out access across the weekend. Instead, clubbers are given a designery wristband, with club re-entry costing €5. A best-kept non-secret: men at Lab.oratory can use their Lab-stamped hand to gain half-price Berghain entry via the guest list queue. For the record, co-creator Teufele bowed out in 2017, replaced by a former bar manager. For a spell during the pandemic, from September 2020, Berghain reinvented itself as a gallery with works by 115 international artists throughout the vast club – devised by Christian Boros with his wife Karen and curator Juliet Kothe.


    • I had the best party of my life, how did I do it? Easy, I booked an experience on airbnb (named "Club like a local") and I managed to enter without any problem, Jesus (Sasha) left me his clothes and guided me so that she will enter 100% I only waited for 20 minutes in the queue. He is an expert, very polite and he will do the best and you will get in yes or yes If I come back to Berlin I will book it again, the bouncers refused more than the half of the people that tried to get in.

    • belakhdary
      belakhdary Over a year ago
      Loves it

      just amazing.
      Probably the best club in Europe. Good vibe, great music. One minus tho: waiting time to get in but nothing is perfect!

    • CKDexterHaven
      CKDexterHaven Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It might be perceived as simply contrary and churlish to find fault with the Berghain.

    • Albaner
      Albaner Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best

    • antigelus
      antigelus Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the places you have to go at least once your life
      at least..once

    • ScottyB
      ScottyB Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth of Minute of Waiting in Line
      Great vibe in an amazing space. I was very skeptical after reading the reviews and waiting 45 minutes outside... yet I was Not disappointed once inside. The drinks and shots were average priced and I loved that several bars were removed from the heavy Dub beats so ordering drinks was a pleasure. The bartenders were very efficient and friendly. The club has Different levels, with Different beats, and Different nooks to make new friends or chat with your posse. The Silent Guru working the door choose who got in and who did not ...totally knows what he is doing. Everyone's energy inside was in sync and the groove was one of the best Club Experiences I have ever had. Clearly a World Class Club and the memories of that night will long out live the night itself. Thank You Berghain for closing the Deal- I Think I Love You!

    • johnny6189
      johnny6189 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Good time
      Huge bar. Can get lost. Lots of pretty people. Not 100% gay as there was a lot of women there. Would have been better without so many women. Dark room is very dark and hard to follow around. The Studio 54 judging entrance was comical, but if they think you are good enough to come in it is worth the wait in line. Not sure i would go back a lot as i prefer mainly men bars, but should try it at least once.

    • vledd1964
      vledd1964 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      SNAX - worth the trip to Berlin!!!
      If you are in Berlin for the leather Ostertreff, GET YOUR TICKETS FOR SNAX NOW! It's no exaggeration that the Berghain is one of the greatest clubs in the world, and for kinksters, partiers, fetish men - this event has no equal. The space is AMAZING - it's Blade Runner with a techno soundtrack - and the sight of thousands of men dancing, playing, and doing things you only thought you'd see in a Titan video will be seared into your brain forever. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!!

    • nikospap
      nikospap Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best club night ever

    • Henrik
      Henrik Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Snax Parties
      The Snax parties at Easter and at Folsom Europe in September are the best. Simply a must. Actualy the Snax parties dates back to the early 90's and the venue Berghain is a result of the Snax parties.

    • fitchy
      fitchy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Simply not worth it. Trying very hard to be something they once were. More straight these days.

    • argorok
      argorok Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Party - Fun
      Great music, lot of fun and openminded people.

    • box4u
      box4u Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best party in town on a saturday!
      Berghain is a must if you're visiting in Berlin, top DJs, Electronic music, 2 dance floors. Come in good time if you want to enter otherwise it may be difficult to enter Larger groups and girls are not always admitted. Festival starts Saturday and ends the first Monday morning again. There are very mixed clientele from large muscular men to ordinary people. do not be afraid of the doorman if he looks scary;)