Panorama Bar (at Berghain)

95% love it
Fabulously casual night out
A much-loved bar located upstairs within east Berlin's faultless dance-and-sex mecca the Berghain [see entry], the never dull Panorama Bar entrances its stimulated guests with an unusually convincing party atmosphere attributed to a high calibre of house and electro — the DJs specialise in less demanding music than found in the club's main techno-thumping space — and singularly stylish decor, including the works of Berlin/London photographer Wolfgang Tillmans and Berliner Marc Brandenburg. On sunny mornings the shutters are lifted (momentarily) to let the light in, triggering ecstatic cheers from the after-hours vampire-like party-goers. The crowd is mixed, but the bar also stages semi-regular gay-male events such as Smegma. And there's lovely wooden dance floor. Open Fridays via a separate external staircase and Saturdays from within the Berghain. But like nearly everything about this otherworldly east Berlin enterprise, the Panorama Bar is tricky to describe with anything but a messy specificity. In short, the stylishly and artistically inclined are never offended here. S-Bahn: Ostbahnhof.


    • As usual, Berghain gets it right.

    • cubanewyork
      cubanewyork Over a year ago

      Awesome place. Lab.oratori is the gay section. If you wanna fuck and drink... this is the place!

    • Jeff4You
      Jeff4You Over a year ago
      Loves it

      for all ELECTRO and MINIMAL fReAks
      best club in berlin... peoples stand 2 hours in line to entry the whole night... but at the door the staff look on ur face and ull get a yes or a no.. only a few of all get a yes... so its its like lottery... the place where the partyscene meet.

    • fitchy
      fitchy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      No way
      Stylish? You've got to be kidding me.