Lab.oratory (at Berghain)

97% love it
Quintessential space for the sexually adventurous

The ever popular and sweaty crotch of former East Berlin industrial power-station-turned-club-extraordinaire the Berghain [see entry], the Lab.oratory (aka the Lab) is an exquisitely detailed sex club and bar staging unhinged themed fetish nights catering to those turned on by rubber, leather, athletic gear, suit & tie, naked flesh and/or just about every bodily function going.

Open Thursday to Saturday nights, plus Sunday afternoons, this male-only labyrinthine lair entertains a deserved and intense cult following, with heaving Fridays (no dress code, 2-4-1 drinks policy) now bordering on the mainstream. The doors shut to arrivals at 11 pm on Thursday, at midnight on Friday and Saturday, and at 6 pm on Sunday, so plan accordingly.

Your Lab-stamped hand will afford you half-price Berghain entry via the guest list queue. Rivals New York's Mineshaft (1976–85) and London's Cellar (1981–85) as all-time gay fetish sex space. Also written as 'Lab.Oratory'. S-Bahn: Ostbahnhof.


    • powerasianbtms
      powerasianbtms Over a year ago

      me and my husband is interested to go laboratory. Can u let us know if u know its open ? we are from singapore , asians btms. Please email us when it will open soon

    • Ottawaboi8
      Ottawaboi8 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hung out there last Friday
      What a great adventure at Lab.Oratory - highly recommend on a Friday night! Get ready to check your street clothes at the door.

    • NicoBrito
      NicoBrito Over a year ago

      3 years ago 1 time on friday. they let me in(casual) .Almost everybody unsafe sex. Easy to get an std or hep c. Really devastating. Never again to laboratory and berlin. Bye,Bye

    • wolf.lugh
      wolf.lugh Over a year ago
      Loves it

      open to everyone sexy, intelligent or sweet (the rest: go to tom´s bar-:-))
      I go lab since it opened, so listen: you get in however you dress but inside it´s so warm that you will want to take off most of your clothes anyway. bring lube, there are only 3 shared containers in distant corners, never near when you need it ze locals find ruthless barebacking boring as it spreads hep c (remember ur last interferon treatment?) in the sex community. don´t hang 2 long with your tourist mates as u will not get a piece of the action nor connect 2 what´s going on. what´s going on is everything you imagine & a lot more. if you don´t like what you see shut it, this is not your home turf and you are in berlin because you want to experience berlin style. just let go & relax, even the two handful of sexiest men there are only human (unless they are really high on steroids or g). if your not a fatty, retard, superdumb, pathologically shy or a blind catholic you will get laid. if not it really is your own fault be cute, be s/m, be whatever, but give it all you are. enjoy your stay.

    • Worfy
      Worfy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A must in Berlin
      We have been there for 4-2-1 Friday. It was just crazy. Hundreds of people, all ages, sizes and shapes. Everywhere tons of action. It gets dirty over the time, but that's to expect. Drinks totally affordable.

    • davedude7
      davedude7 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      An Experience
      I've been here a few times now over the course of 2 years, Only on Fridays. Good to get here early when they open so you're not waiting in line. The place fills up quickly. And if you're not there by midnight, you're not getting in. No matter how much you plead. The sexual energy is intense. No room for shyness. Very industrial, good music, great play areas. All types here, all ages, and everyone ready to play...hard. 2-4-1 on Fridays. Staff is great and friendly except for one older bartender at the main bar that seemed to play favorites with German speaking customers and making English speakers wait and then when paying my tab seems to bully me into a bigger tip every time I visited. Other bartenders were really nice as were the clothes check guys. Definitely something you have to do when you're in Berlin because you'll never forget it.

    • ctrever23
      ctrever23 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This is why you come to Berlin. Never seen anything like it.

    • adam1973
      adam1973 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't go ........
      Large night club in a huge old disused building. Door policy is terrible. Half the people are turned away after waiting in 30 min queue on what seems like a random process old and young alike. Waiting in the queue (dare I say it ) felt just like waiting to be selected for work or not. Never experienced such a bad non inclusive approach. This is definitely not a one fits all approach which is what gay venues should be like and pride theme selves on. Avoid like the plague. This is place is discriminatory totally against the essence of an open diverse approach which is so sad.

    • petroni27
      petroni27 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best hard sex place
      Kingdom of bareback sex. Gloryhols with lots of hungry mouths, in the toilet queue of boys waiting for your piss, asses just prepared to be fucked everywhere....

    • menonthensk
      menonthensk Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Simple the BEST in Bln=)

    • jojobcn
      jojobcn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best sleaze in Europe
      Lab.oratory is the olympus of sex clubs. A lot of action with a lot of hot men. The genuine industrial location is a complete turn on.

    • hslut
      hslut Over a year ago
      Loves it

      simply the BEST place in Europe !!
      the best hard sex places in Europe !!! (with KITKAT CLUB ....but KITKAT is mixed...)

    • sjors
      sjors Over a year ago
      Loves it

      guaranteed action
      Went on a Friday night, which is the 2-for-1 night: 2 beers for â

    • johnny6189
      johnny6189 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This is the best place. There theme nights are great. Always something and someone for everyone. The men are great looking and sexy. Not much of an attitude. Have to pay attention to the hours as they close doors as certain times. But very much worth the visit. Had an amazing time with a lot of hot guys there. Sports night was a good one.

    • 1Alex
      1Alex Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best sex club
      I went there on Friday night. Lab-Oratory is the best sex club ever. I believe, there were about 400 guys, mostly young, fit, hot and ready to have sex all night. Germans fuck like insatiable sex machine. I have the best time of my ife, beautiful, hard rock cocks every where, of course, play safe is your own decision. There were easy access to condoms and lube. The place is hard to find, It is about 10 minutes walk from the U1 Warschauer Str station. Very friendly staff at the door and the barthenders are hot and very nice. Remember, it is a sex club. It is very clean when they open the door at 10 pm but after everybody having sex all night, don't expect it to be clean all night. If you are a princess gay guy, this is not the place for you.