More CLOSED AS OF MARCH 2018 (Closed Permanently)

95% love it
GayCities Members report that More CLOSED AS OF MARCH 2018 has closed
Conveniently positioned dining room
Very popular high-definition-gay hot spot characterised by provincial-stylish vibrant red decor and not too pricey modern European and German dishes of a sufficiently decent standard (and more adventurous than the menu at competitor Café Berio). Sunday brunch is especially popular with those who are awake and functioning at that hour. Outdoor seating affords prime location for men-watching on the Motzstraße catwalk. New ownership as of February 2017, with not everyone happy about the changes — hiked prices and smaller portions — and neighbouring and less slick Kalwil [see entry] starting to eat into some of More's takings. More closed March 2018. Re-opened March 2018 as Pasolini.