Tom's Bar

88% love it
The stuff of legend, though not what it was

A mostly popular after-hours backroom-boosted bar, Tom's originally opened in April 1982 on a site previously occupied by a diner, is the place that every tourist has heard of, though the space is unrecognisable from its clone-era days of leather manliness inspired by master erotic draughtsman Touko Laaksonen (1920–91), better known as Tom of Finland. Things started to change under new ownership from 1993, resulting in the DJ-led atmosphere we have today. For the record, the original Tom's proprietor also owned neighbouring disco Pool, now home of sex cinema the JAXX [see entry], which is linked to the current Tom's and its upstairs similarly named hotel [see entry]. Rumour has it that there was a switch in ownership in 2017, with Tom's now also linked to local café Romeo & Romeo [see entry]. Note atypical German usage of apostrophe in the name, with a view to the international gay market (in contrast to the unrelated Toms Saloon in Hamburg). Monday nights are especailly buzzy, down to the 2for1 drinks deal. And the basement is very dark. Website devotes more attention to design than to helpful information. Taglines: "For successful cruising" and "Never a cover. Always a groove."


    • Ich kam für einen Samstag, ein trauriger Ort, für den man in Sachen Sex sterben könnte, es gab Leute, aber nur wenige, die fickten, sie verbrachten mehr Zeit damit, im Keller zu drehen. Sie wollen Sport treiben, kommen Sie hierher für einen Marathon zu Fuß. Das Personal nicht freundlich, niemand spricht miteinander, um zu fliehen.

    • justinisback
      justinisback Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Cool bar, but not very friendly.
      I have been there on 2-3 occasions, and have noticed that some of the people who work there are really rude so most likely done with this place. There are friendlier places to hang out in Berlin.

    • nard94
      nard94 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Place has never been a let down. Fun bar and great music then after all that head down stairs for some fun.

    • davbern22
      davbern22 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun time
      I visited Tom's a couple of weeks ago and had a fun time... The music was pretty good. The liquor drinks were more pricey than other places I visited in Berlin but I still had a good time.

    • kraven6
      kraven6 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Even if it is the only place to go during the week. Is not as good as it promises. Lots of older and unusual people.

    • sonosolo
      sonosolo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      noisy, sticky, smoky....but charming. A lot of nice guys from all the sorts

    • johnny6189
      johnny6189 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Monday Fun
      Had a blast here on Monday. Two for one drinks bring out the crowds. Good lookng crowd. The darkroom downstairs was very active after been there a couple hours. Nice sized bar. Definitly worth a trip. Not sure how it is on another night.

    • tnboxxxer
      tnboxxxer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      toms is the best
      i visited Berlin for two weeks and stayed in Schoenberg, the gay neighborhood. I made it a point to chech out every bar once and many a couple times. Toms had the best music by far of all that I visited. The crowd had a diverse racial mix and a diverse age range that made it fun and enjoyable. The basement gets hopping with cruise energy after 1 o'clock. If you looking for quality sex it is best to take someone home from toms. If your looking for quantity then toms is a great place. Once you give Toms a try you'll find yourself returning for the friendly atmosphere and great mix of music. Have fun and remember to play safe.

    • shawnndt
      shawnndt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite bar in Berlin
      Had a great time here on several nights on my last visit to Berlin. The crowd was mostly friendly, the drinks were cheap enough, and the basement was very frisky. If you arrive and the main level looks empty, make sure you check out the basement! Monday night at Toms was the best bar experience I've had in my most recent two weeks in Europe.

    • casey.kollins
      casey.kollins Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good stay
      Stayed here in June for four nights and everything was as expected. Clean, central to gay bars and clubs, close to good food, friendly staff, usual small European old style room with good bathroom and comfortable, felt safe, plenty of brochures available to help with visit to Berlin. Originally booked at Gay Hostel, but thought that I may be too old to be there. Communicated by email with hotel and they changed my reservation from the hostel to the hotel at a discounted rate. It pays to talk nicely! Toured the hostel after hotel check in only to find that I would have been happy to be in the hostel...first impression was a good one! Did my research and knew exactly where to check in and that I needed cash. Too bad the previous reviewer had such a bad experience there. Mine was the total opposite!

    • cmmosley
      cmmosley Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dishonest and second-rate
      I just came back from Amsterdam and Berlin TODAY. I had such a bad experience with Toms Hotel I had to right a review immediately. I actually rented an apartment for five (5) days from Toms Hotel and booked it through When I arrived to Toms rental office after being in Amsterdam for eight (8) days, I was giving Toms Hotel my information. This "employee" who looking like he was recovering from either too many drugs or too much alcohol the previous night, demanded that I pay in cash. I asked this "employee, " What do you mean pay in cash? The terms on (a subsidiary) clearly indicated that credit cards are accepted and my reservation was made with a credit card. This Toms Hotel employee went on to tell me that apartments are paid in cash and only the hotel room are paid with credit cards. He sent me to this ATM around the corner and I did not take cash out of it b/c it looked like a strange ATM. I will only go to a banks ATM when Im overseas. My bank simply would not allow me to withdraw that amount of money from an ATM b/c U.S. Federal Regulation limits you to $650/day from an ATM. I went back to Toms Hotel and told this this employee, the hotels terms on clearly indicated credit cards are acceptable and made him charge it. I complained to and indicated that either this employee is running a scam and/or Toms Hotel is running a scam but either way they need to make this hotel put CASH ONLY as a payment term or needs to drop them as a client. contacted Toms Hotel with my complaint and on the day I left, the Hotel responded and told that I had given them my ATM card and it had been declined and they were trying to be nice by telling me to go to an ATM because I had money problems. When I came into the apartment this employee was picking toilet paper off the floor in the bathroom, thinking I didnt see him. There was a dirty towel on the back of the bathroom door which was probably from his trick he did in the room the night before. People dont waste your time or money. There are PLENTY of accommodations in this area far better than this anus hole hotel and apartment facility.

    • JeffereySF
      JeffereySF Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Staff was very helpful and professional
      I liked its location, it was very central to the gay scene which is exactly what i wanted.

    • mrofs
      mrofs Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Neither good nor bad
      Didn't like it all that much. The bar's not bad and the cellar is okay, but I thought it to have a rather unwelcoming environment and crowd. Most of the time nothing happened in the otherwise crowded cellar. At some point there suddenly was lots of action with tens of guys going at it at the same time. I think I might try it again sometime, but only after I checked out what other places Berlin has to offer.

    • C.Bigom
      C.Bigom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My first visit to Berlin included a three-night stay at Tom’s Hotel. It has a great location if you want to be near many of the gay bars in Berlin. The double room I stayed in was in perfect order, the bed was comfortable and the bathroom perfectly clean and of a good size. The atmosphere in the halls between the rooms was really enjoyable and included a magazine rack filled with all the info you could possibly need about Berlin in general and specifically Gay Berlin. Tom’s Hotel also offers a shuttle service between the airport and the hotel, which we booked because we didn’t bother to look into public transportation. It worked just great but the trip from the airport to the hotel could probably have been done much cheaper.

    • George_n
      George_n Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love Tom
      This hotel is located the center of Berlin Gay Town. Very clean, softly bed, good view of Motz street, near bar & cafe, rich information papers. Reception Tim & cleaner's smile is good!